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For devotees, there is no place as divine as Shirdi. This holy town is located in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Grabbing the attention of pilgrims all year round, the place has become a famous tourist attraction. Believed to be an abode of Sai Baba, many tourists from far-flung destinations come to pay tribute to this great saint of the 20th century. The holy chants, the sound of temple bells, the lightened lamps; the world of Shirdi brings an eternal solace and bliss. The land remains crowded all throughout the year and pilgrims offer prayers to holy Sai Ram to get rid of all worries.

Major Tourist Attractions in Panaji (Panjim):

Planning to visit Shirdi? If yes, let us brief you about some of its amazing tourist destinations that you simply cannot miss:

Sai Baba Mandir: A renowned shrine in India, ShirdiSai Baba Mandir is a sacred place where the body of the Lord rests in form of Samadhi. The shrine is the main focus of all the devotees and there’s a long queue where everyone waits eagerly to catch a glimpse of Sai Ram.

ShaniShingnapur: It’s a distinct village in Shirdi where the houses come without doors. ShaniShingnapur is famous for its temple that is devoted to God Saturn. It’s a well-known tourist destination and locals call the temple as a ‘jagritdevasthan’. This is because the locals hold a belief that the shrine is alive and whoever attempts to steal would be punished by the almighty.

Chavadi:It is a small house where Sai Baba used to spend alternate nights. When you visit the place, you can get a glimpse of the ‘Asan’ where he used to sit. It was here where he was bathedfor the last time before his funeral.

Dwarkamai Masjid: It is a masjid where baba spent most of his lifetime. It is here where he used to light lamps. Head towards this major attraction and view the life-size portrait of ShirdiSai Baba.

Shirdi Sightseeing Places Long List

Find information on more sightseeing places in the long list below.

Sri Sai Baba Samadhi                                                       Dwarkamai Masjid

Sai Heritage Village                                                          Shree SaiHemant Art Gallery

KhandobaMandir                                                             ShriTatyaKote Samadhi

MarutiMandir                                                                    Wet N Joy Water Park

ShriSaibabaSansthan Temple                                      Baba’s Chavadi

Dixit Wada Museum                                                       LendiBaug

Adul Baba Cottage                                                           House of LaxmibaiShinde

Nana Walli’s Samadhi                                                     Mhalsapati’s House

ShriUpasaniKanyakumariSthan                  UpasaniMaharaj Ashram

V.P Iyer’s Samadhi

So, book flight tickets to Shirdi and offer prayers to SatyaSai Ram.

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