Saputara Tour & Sightseeing Places

A well-known hill station of Gujarat, Saputara is no less than a paradise. The enchanting waterfalls, lush green forests, and salubrious climate enhance the majestic beauty of this fascinating region. Featuring jaw-dropping natural beauty, it is here where you can find a pleasant solitude. The rejuvenating beauty of the hill station would simply make you fall for the destination. In a nutshell, this amazing place in Gujarat cannot be missed at all.

Major Tourist Attractions in Saputara:

Saputara, a small hill station is no short of best tourist spots. Here let’s know what’s best in the region:

Echo Point: A picnic haunt in Saputara, the destination delights not only outsiders but also the locals of the region. It is here where you can hear an echo of your own voice. The scenic location offers you breathtaking views of the landscape.

Gira Waterfalls: Nestled in a verdant setting, this glorious waterfall will surely make you stunned. The cascading waterfalls flowing from a height of 75 feet truly makes a majestic view. The unspoilt natural beauty of the place is meant to be captured in your Kodak.

Saputara Lake: The blissful lake of the region attracts travelers from far and wide. The panoramic charm of the place can soothe your eyes. Enjoy boating here and capture the picture-perfect beauty of the serene surroundings.

Sunset Point: Gandhi Shikhar, widely termed as Sunset Point is a major attraction of Saputara. The place earns the recognition to offer mind blowing vista of the sunset. The sky painted with an orange shade during evening looks truly spectacular.

Honey Bees Centre: Wow! It’s a best place to learn the bee-keeping process from the closest quarters. In this apiculture centre, you can get an insight of the honey industry. You can also buy the fresh honey here.

Saputara Sightseeing Places Long List:

Saputara in Gujarat is filled with many amazing attractions, which includes a visit to museums, waterfalls, garden, temples and good eating out points. Here is the long list of best sightseeing places in Saputara.

Saputara Lake                                                             Gira Waterfalls

Sunset Point (Gandhi Shikhar)                                    Vansda National Park

Sunrise Point                                                               Saputara Tribal Museum

Townview Point                                                           Giradhodh Falls

Lake Garden                                                                Saptashrungi Devi Mandir

Ropeway Cable Car                                                    Waghai Botanical Garden

St Annes Church                                                          Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

Purna Sanctuary                                                          Step Garden

Hatgadh Fort                                                               Forest Log Hut

Henceforth, plan a trip to Saputara in Gujarat to explore the best in the land. Find the best tour packages for Saputara at best price and book according to your plan.

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