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Do you wish to enjoy in solitude amidst the breathtaking views of nature? Do you love to trek high on the challenging hills? If yes, then Roing fulfills all your desires. Located in the lower Dibang valley, it’s considered to be the jewel of Arunachal Pradesh. The ancient history, picturesque landscape, and rich culture attract travelers from all corners of the world. The people here are fun-loving and hospitable and you would definitely not feel away from home. A trip to this fulfilling destination can let you get an insight of its rich culture. It’s a destination that can give you an experience of your lifetime.

Major Tourist Attractions in Roing:

Here, we are discussing the major attractions, which can fulfill your expectations in Roing, Arunachal Pradesh.

Mehao Lake: Located 14 km away from Roing, Mehaolake is a tourist’s delight. Situated amidst evergreen forests decorated with colorful flowers and plants, the quaint lake spellbound all visitors. You can enjoy boating or relax amidst its gorgeous serene landscapes.

Mayudia: It is a hill station resort that is set in a perfect surrounding. The resort offers glistening views of snow-capped mountains. If you are fortunate to be here during winters, the jaw-dropping beauty of the spectacular valleys covered with snow all over will make you feel close to nature. Go for trekking and bring joy to your soul.

Bhismaknagar Fort: Lying 30 km away from Roing, it is an archaeological site of the place. The fort has two extension rooms, three halls, and six entrances. In addition, there are two gates in the fort- Western and Eastern gate. The sculpture stands as a fine display of cultural excellence and grandeur of the past.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary: A home to several species of wildlife, Mehao Wildlife sanctuary attracts all wildlife enthusiasts. The sights of leopard, tiger, Himalayan black bear, jackal, leopard, wild dog and so on would definitely leave you spellbound.

Roing Sightseeing Places Long List:

Roing is a wonderful destination to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. The long list of Roing sightseeing places adds a visit to historical forts, amazing ghat, beautiful lakes and wildlife sanctuaries etc.

Mayudia                                                                              Kampona Pond

Mehao Lake                                                                       Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

Nehru Van Udyan                                                            Bhismaknagar Fort

Nijomaghat                                                                        Hunli

Sally Lake                                                                             RukminiNati

Iphi-PaniGhat                                                                    BongalYapgo

Kanying Nat                                                                        Itapukhur and PadumPukhuri

So, why wait so long? Book your tickets right away and enjoy the gorgeous beauty of Roing.

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