Pelling Tour & Sightseeing Places

Located amidst blissful natural beauty, Pelling is a tiny town in the land of Sikkim. The glittering and scintillating Khangchendzonga valleys simply cannot afford to leave this region unknown amongst discerning travelers, wanderers, and free-spirits.  Located at an altitude of 7,200 feet above sea level, Pelling appeals visitors from all lifestyles. The surreal beauty of nature here soothes you soul. The cultural extravaganza of this lovely hill station is supreme. It’s truly a blissful land that makes your holiday fulfilling.

Major Tourist Attractions in Pelling

From adventurers to laid back travelers, the top attractions of Pelling cater to all travelers who come to the land. Let’s discuss its amazing tourist spots:

Darap Village: Rich in culture, Darap is inhabited by several ethnic communities such as Tamangs, Bhuitas, Gurungs, and Chhetris. The pristine beauty of the village will truly lure you. You can even plan to relax in its popular homstays and enjoy myriad activities such as bird watching, hiking, visiting the old Limboo house and so on.

Sangachoeling Monastery: It’s a best sightseeing of Pelling. While you are here, Sangachoeling must be in your list. The rich forests wrapping the hilly terrain make trekking worth.

Sewaro Rock Garden: It’s an ideal picnic spot for visitors. The picturesque view of fountains, streams, and gardens is truly worth watching. Visit the place and enjoy a gala time with your friends and family members.

Rimbi Waterfall:It’s another worth attraction of Pelling. The glittering waterfall appears to be a treat to your eyes. While you are here, enjoy the recreational activities such as fishing and swimming.

Singshore Bridge:Featuring an elevation of 198 m, it’s one of the highest bridges in Sikkim. Dotted with mighty waterfalls and surrounded by lush green hills, the bridge assures amazing views.

Long List of Pelling Sightseeing Places:

While visiting to Pelling, travelers can visit many amazing sightseeing like waterfalls, monasteries, wildlife sanctuary, temples and parks.Below is the long list of best sightseeing in Pelling.

Kanchenjunga Falls                                                Khecheopalri Lake

Changey Waterfall                                                 Tashiding Monastery

Rabdentse Ruins                                                     Pemayangtse Gompa

Singshore Bridge                                                    Sanga choeling Monastery

Rimbi Waterfalls                                                     Yuksam

Sangay Falls                                                             Maa Durga Mata Temple

Sewaro Rock Garden                                            Rangit Temple

Shiv Temple                                                             Buddhist Pilgrimage Circuit

Bird Park                                                                   Devi Mandir


Henceforth, visit Pelling once in your lifetime to enjoy the captivating views of the Himalayan ranges and soak in the mind-blowing beauty of nature.

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