Manori Tour & Sightseeing Places

Manori is a tiny village in the north of Mumbai that is considered as a ‘Mini- Goa’. It’s a landscape that is known for its serene beaches, diverse culture, and roads. An ideal picnic spot for tourists, the place remains crowded all throughout the year. A quaint destination in nature, it’s here where you can experience a relaxing break. By letting you enjoy nature at its best, it takes you away from the chaos of cosmopolitan lives. Surrounded by cashew nut trees, the serene beaches looks spectacular.Tourists could choose to stay in Mumbai’s hotels for better stay and comfortable relax, which is near to Manori.

Major Tourist Attractions in Manori:

In a nutshell, Manori is a destination that offers the best quality of life.Here’re discussed the major attractions of Manori:

Manori Beach: This calm and quaint beach lures travelers from far off places. It is relatively a cleaner beach where you can relax and unwind.It’s here where you can enjoy fishing activities.

Gorai Beach: Located very close to Manori, it is one of the cleanest and safest beaches of the landscape. The cool surroundings letyou experience a wonderful vacation. Do not forget to view sunrise and sunset.

Global Vipassana Pagoda: It is a must-visit attraction that comprises the relics of Gautam Buddha. There is a large central hall,which has the capacity to accommodate 8000 people. When you visit this destination, do not forget to view Pagoda- a largest hollow stone structure.

Essel World: Situated 25 km from Manori, it’s a perfect water kingdom and amusement park .It’s a place where fun and entertainment is at hype. Known to be the largest water kingdom in Asia, it’s a delight for all tourists.

Samudreshwar Temple: Devoted to Lord Shiva, it’s a small temple that is constructed in Koli style architecture. The Cashew trees surrounding the landscape add to the divinity of the place.

Manori Sightseeing Places Long List:

Manori sightseeing places long list includes the best places to visit those are mesmerizing beauty of beaches, theme park and forts.

Marve Beach

Manori Beach

Gorai Beach

Global Vipassana Pagoda

Essel World

Madh Fort

Henceforth, visit Manori during the perfect season and enjoy sightseeing at its best.

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