Kashid Beach Tour & Sightseeing Places

Situated on Arabian sea shores, Kashid is a beach town near Pune. The place with its blue seas, white sands, paddy fields, green mountains, and rivulets attract tourists from far off destinations. It’s a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. The charm of the place gets doubled with the Casuarines groves that dances to the tune of the wind. Sitting under the blue sky amidst the crystalline water and viewing the perfect sunset; this is what Kashid offers to its tourists. In a nutshell, we can call it a dream destination where travelers can relax and unwind.

Major Tourists Attractions in Kashid Beach:

Are you planning to head towards Kashid? If yes, then let’s give you an overview of what to spot in this enchanting landscape.

Korlai Fort: Located in the township of Korlai, Korlai Fort is built on an island that protects the way to the Revdanda Creek. It is a wonderful tourist spot that was constructed in 1521. The attraction is widely popular for its prehistoric beauty.

Kashid Beach: An alluring beach in Maharashtra, the place makes everyone enjoy a relaxing beach holiday. It is truly a dream destination for most of the people. It is situated 30 km from Alibaug and is known for its wonderful Casuarines groves that add to the beauty of the landscape.

Datta Manir: Lying on the top of a hill, this is a red-domed temple where you can enjoy mesmerizing views. Situated at a distance of just 18 km from Kashid Beach, it is an attraction that you cannot afford to miss.

Revdanda Beach and Fort: Also termed as Agarkot Fort, it’s a fort that grabs the attention of all tourists. Though the structure is now ruined, the historic charm can still be witnessed. Combined with a pleasant charm of Revdanda Beach, the place is a must-visit destination.

Kashid Beach Sightseeing Long List:

Kashid Beach has many other places to visit in the long list, which are Forts, wildlife sanctuary and temples etc.

Janjira Fort

Korlai Fort

Revdanda Beach Fort

Kashid Beach

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Datta Mandir

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Kashid and enjoy the beauty of soft sandy beaches and lush green surroundings.

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