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Diu is truly spectacular. A tiny island, situated on the coast of Kathiyawad region is a favorite of all tourists. The scintillating beaches here lure every visitor from different corners of the world. Blending modernity and tradition, the place encourages tourism since decades. Infused with diverse Portuguese history, the architecture here attracts a plethora of history lovers. The natives of the land are warm and friendly. If you are looking forward to relax in a quaint town, Diu offers a refreshing break.

Major Tourists Attractions in Diu:

Before you plan a trip, read this write-up to learn what are the fascinating attractions in Diu:

Diu Fort: A massive structure lying on the coast of the island attracts visitors from far off places. Encircled by seas on three sides, the fort is perfect to enjoy the scintillating views of the sea. There is also a huge structure on the fort, which shelters the Diu Jail and Light House.

Gangeshwar Temple: This religious temple is located just 3 km from the Diu Town. Devoted to Lord Shiva, the temple has five lingas that sits on the center of seashore rocks. Devotees come here to offer prayers to almighty.

Fortress of Panikota: Constructed at the creek’s mouth, it’s a glorious stone structure. Get a view of the small chapel, which is devoted to Our Lady of the Sea and a lighthouse. The fortress offers a majestic view, which is truly matchless.

St. Paul’s Church: Built during the 17th century, the church is dedicated to the Lady of Immaculate Conception. The interior of the structure is beautifully designed with heavy dark wood and great barn. Its entrance is spectacular as it is done with shell-like motifs and volutes.

Diu Sightseeing Places Long List:

Diu has many wonderful places, where tourists can take a visit. In the long list of Diu sightseeing places, there are many attractions like forts, temples, beach, caves and churches, which make the Diu a good tourist place.

Diu Fort                                                                 Gangeshwar Temple

St Thomas Church                                                            Diu Museum

Naida Caves                                                                       Nagoa Beach

Jallandhar Beach                                                              Hokka Trees

St. Paul’s Church                                                              Shell Museum

I.N.S.Khukery                                                                    Chakratirth Beach

Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary                                      Fortim-do-Mar

Zampa Gateway                                                               Ghogla Beach

Jallandhar Shrine                                                              St Paul Church

Gomatimata Beach

So, visit Diu once in your lifetime and capture its local flavor and serenity in your eyes.

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