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Known as the ‘Gateway to Nagaland’, Dimapur truly deserves a special attention.An ancient capital of DimasaKachari tribal rulers, it now stands as the largest city of Nagaland. Blessed with heavenly scenic beauty, the splendor of the destination is truly unparalleled. Literally, the meaning of Dimapur is ‘City by the great river’. The spotless exquisiteness of the enticing destination is full of wonders. When it comes to impeccable culture and fascinating traditions, Dimapur has it all to mesmerize the avid travelers.

Major Tourist Attractions in Dimapur:

Here is the detailed information on top attractions of Dimapur.

The Kachari Ruins: It is a distinct group of age-old monoliths that comprises the remains of the Kachari Kingdom’s structure. It is a home to a plethora of reservoirs, temples, and tanks that acquire the name ‘Brick City’ by European scholars.

Chumukedima Village: This is a mesmerizing destination that is a home to myriad waterfalls with crystal clear water. It is a census town that offers all tourists a breathtaking view of exquisite Dimapur.

Sumi Town Baptist Church: Situated only a kilometer from Dimapur, this church is visited by tourists all year round.Constructed beautifully, it is a major destination to worship Lord Jesus Christ.It the most sacred and religious church in Dimapur.

Diezephe Craft Village: Featuring the artistic beauty of Dimapur, Diezephe Craft Village is 13 kilometer from the city. The popular attraction is operated by Nagaland craftworks and handlooms development and Nagaland government. The typical souvenir shops let you enjoy shopping to the fullest.

Dimapur Sightseeing Places Long List:

Dimapur has many beautiful villages, wildlife sanctuary, zoological park, church, science center and waterfalls in the long list of sightseeing places. Check the list of the best sightseeing places in Dimapur.

Kachari Ruins                                               Nagaland Zoological Park

Chumukedima Village                               Sumi Town Baptist Church

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary                       Triple Falls

Nagaland Science Centre                         Honkong Market

Diezephe Craft Village                              DimapurAo Baptist Church

Rangapahar Reserve Forest                    Medziphema

Green Park                                                   Handloom and Handicrafts Emporium

Upstairs Lounge Arts and Entertainment

So, visit Dimapur once in your lifetime and get a chance to discover the kaleidoscopic beauty of the land.

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