Chikhaldara Tour & Sightseeing Places

Lying in Amaravati district in the state of Maharashtra, the dense misty valleys of Chikhaldara has beauty wrapped in every fold. It is a distinct hill station that lets tourists go deep into the splendid beauty of nature. With an abundance of viewpoints, wildlife, waterfalls, and lakes, the region is where nature can be explored at its best. The place was named after Keechaka where he was killed by Bheema and was thrown into the valley. This is how the place got its name. Overfilled with majestic trees and velvet mist, the land looks truly spectacular.In a nutshell, it is a dream destination where you can enjoy an overwhelming vacation.

Major Tourist Attractions in Chikhaldara:

Here, in this write-up, let us know some of the amazing tourist places of interest in Chikhaldara:

Narnala Fort: It’s a must visit attraction of the hill station. An amalgamation of three forts, namely Teliagarh, Zafrabad, and Narnala, this structure holds great historical significance.

BhimKund: As per mythology, Bhim killed Keechaka and threw the demon into the valleys of Keechakdara. Later, he took a bath in its adjoining lake which was named as BhimKund. The serene ambiance of the landscape is a retreat to every visitor’s eyes.

Amner Fort: Lying beyond a small village ‘Kalamkhar’, it’s a majestic fort that was built in burnt bricks and is situated at the junction of Sipna, Tapti, and Goadga Rivers. View from the top of the fort to know its magnificent beauty.

Gwaligarh Fort: Widely known for its distinct architecture, you simply cannot miss this attraction. The fort has 3 gates and narrates the tales of history.

Panchol Point: It is one of the significant attractions of the region. While you visit the point, you can witness the coffee plantations. Deep inside, it is here where you can hear5echoesof your own voice. This is why it is also known as ‘Five Echo Point’.

Chikhaldara Sightseeing Places Long List:

A visit to forts, lakes, wildlife sanctuary, amazing points and national parks are there in the long listof Chikhaldara sightseeing places.

Bhimkund-Kichakdara                                                    Narnala Fort

Gawaligad Fort                                                                  Semadoh Lake

Panchbol Point                                                                  Wan Sanctuary

Gugamal National Park                                                  Amner Fort

Kalapani Lake                                                          Muktagiri

Bir Lake                                                               MelghatTiger Project

Henceforth, do not wait for long!! Visit the serene valleys of Chikhaldara and get a deep insight of its beauty and historical significance.

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