3 Best Places to visit in Cambodia


Travelers who are exhausted with the shorelines of Thailand or the regular sights of Vietnam may be up for more sightseeing that is ancient. For this situation, Cambodia can fulfill these inclinations. While the bigger cities are quickly modernizing, a visit to the popular site of Angkor offers an opportunity to see temples. Among the best places to visit in Cambodia are likewise some littler towns and towns that give an opportunity to encounter a more customary lifestyle, including treks into the wilderness and to see much additionally captivating antiquated vestiges. Below check the three best places to visit in Cambodia.

Angkor –


Angkor is a popular archaeological site, which is fulfilled with historic treasure. Vestiges of a thousand temples can be discovered scattered over ranch grounds and rice fields. These incorporate the renowned Angkor Wat temple, the world’s biggest temple. A number of the temples at Angkor have been re-established, making the gigantic royal residence one of the miracles of the old world while offering an exceptional look of Khmer history.

Koh Ker –

cambo Koh Ker Brasat5

Koh Ker is a temple area, located around 120 kms away northeast of Siem Reap. Once, Koh Ker was the capital of the Khmer empire. Koh Ker was one of Cambodia’s most remote and inaccessible temple destinations.

Sihanoukville –


Sihanoukville is named after a previous ruler, Norodom Sihanouk, Sihanoukville is the most well-known Cambodian beach resort on the Bay of Thailand. Sihanoukville is also known as Kompong Saom, where the Unified States fought its last fight in the Vietnam War. This Southern Cambodia city offers both sandy and rough beaches. The beaches are well-known with an assortment of travelers from hikers who remain in cabins on the beaches to the individuals who prefer the advantage of five-star lodgings.

Tourists can visit these amazing places in Cambodia. These ancients’ temples and beaches attract the travelers from all around the world. Why not you plan a tour of Cambodia this time, need help in customizing your tour ask with us.


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