Bhandardara Tour & Sightseeing Places

Situated in the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the state of Maharashtra, Bhandardara is a majestic hill station that lures visitors with its incredible charm. Your imagination of gushing waters, cascading waterfall, towering hills, and scintillating greenery; all comes true in the gorgeous landscape of Bhandardara. Lying at a distance of 185 km from Mumbai, the place is truly a trekker’s paradise.  The pristine ambiance of the landscape rejuvenates every soul. So, whether you come here for adventure or simply to relax, the place lets you enjoy a fun-filled holiday.

Major Tourists Attractions in Bhandardara:

Want to know, what to spot in Bhandardara? Go through the write-up and know the amazing scenic spots of the place:

Arthur Lake: The pristine blue waters of Arthur Lake is perfect for swimming. The lake holds immense religious importance as it is believed that Agastya Rishi meditated here. Covered by dense forest, the natural beauty of the destination is spectacular.

Wilson Dam: It’s a popular tourist spot of the destination. Built alongside the Arthur Lake, the dam is an idyllic location for picnics. Known to be the oldest dam in whole Asia, it is widely known for the nearby Umbrella Falls.

Ratanwadi Village: Housing the famous Ratanwadi Fort, the village attracts plentiful tourists. Located far away from town and featuring a rustic charm, the place acts like a paradise for trekkers.There’s a popular Shiva Temple that was built by King Jhang.

Umbrella Falls: Formed under the Wilson Dam, the falls looks truly majestic. The water falls with immense pressure on the naturally placed rocks. As the waterfalls creates an impression of an umbrella, the place is named Umbrella Falls. To view the falls from a closer distance, cross the little foot bridge that links the Pravara River.

Randha Falls: This is another not-to-miss attraction of the landscape. The water flowing from a height of 170ft into the majestic ravine looks spectacular.

Bhandardara Sightseeing Places Long List:

Bhandardara is anamazing hill station, where tourists can visit waterfalls, dam, forts and others wonderful sightseeing. Check the long list of best sightseeing places in Bhandardara.

Arthur Lake                                                        Mount Kalsubai

Umbrella Falls                                                    Randha Falls

Bhandardara Lake                                            Ratanwadi

Ratangad Fort                                                    Amruteshwar Temple

Wilson Dam                                                        Ghatghar

Agastya Rishi Ashram

So, visit Bhandardara in Maharashtra and enjoy the blissful serenity of the landscape.

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